How it works

Many sports event organizers have used PikaPages to make their events more engaging for athletes, coaches, parents and officials.

1. Setup your PikaPage

Fill out a simple request form

Free. Credit Card not required.

Customize your page

With the Page Access Code (receive in email).

2. Edit data, publish to cloud

2-clicks Excel upload

Print in traditional format at the same time. Build auto-calculation for semi-final, final progression. Publish all details to everyone's phone in 2 clicks.

Direct Edit on Tablet

Edit data directly on iPad or Android tablet. Perfect for on-site updating when there is no power supply for a computer. Just need mobile internet access. 

3. Share and publicize

Social Media

Share the URL of your PikaPage on your social media page.

QR Code

Display QR Code at the venue. Banners, posters, and other printed materials.

Chat Groups

Share the page link to chat groups.  People want to know, and will share.

Download App

Users may also find your page in PikaPage App.  Download here.

Official Website

Remember to add the link of your page to your official website.

Bring innovation to your participants.

Innovation for Amateur Sports

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