Are results on PikaPage official?

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

Some events have rules that say "Official results are posted on scoreboards at the competition venue." Are results on mobile device "official"?

Before the Internet was invented, official results were pieces of paper on a notice board. Usually with a signature.

Smartphones and Apps

There is no question that results on mobile phones are much more convenient.

How about the signature?

But there is no signature on the app page. It doesn't look authentic.

Once upon a time, letters we received from banks had a signature at the bottom. Now, they say "This letter is generated by a computer. Signature is not required."

The letters are still official.

They only have to say "signature is not required", then it is not required.

How to make results on mobile app official

The rules of your competition may say that "Official results are posted on scoreboards in the venue". There is no mention of mobile apps.

But I am sure that those old rules didn't say "official results may never be published on mobile apps".

To make information on mobile app "official",

  1. Continue to post paper results on scoreboards (it is easy to do with PikaPage Excel templates)

  2. Put up a QR code of the app on the scoreboard. This makes the app conceptually a part of the scoreboard.

  3. Say in the text area of PikaPage "Official Results".

It is official if you, the organizer, say it is official.

Affordable results app for all sports organizersThe Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and other large events all publish results instantly on mobile app. But for most amatuer sports, the cost of developing an app is too high. It also requires experience and expertise in managing your vendor. PikaPage is a low cost, standardized product for amatur sports. Any sports organizer can afford it.

It takes people with courage to change the status quo, and make things better for others. If you are reading this, you are the courageous few. And I am sure many people in your sport will thank you.

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Water Polo Player at the Asian Games 1990 Previously Country Manager of a Fortune 500 company

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