Better engagement for overseas participants in sports competitions

Updated: Oct 23, 2018

For sports competitions, a mobile-friendly page allows users to use instant translation or web search.  This cannot be done if the organizer only share image-copy of printed results on Facebook.

Traditionally, visiting teams often get very limited understanding of competition details, because of the language barrier. A mobile solution like PikaPage can tremendously enhance participant engagement.

Break the language barrier with mobile technology

PikaTable allows users to select and translate text

With PikaPage and PikaTable, organizers can publish information on mobile, in text format easily. Overseas participants can simply select the text, and use translation or internet search to quick understand key information.

Here is one example:

Mobile-friendly PikaTable let users select text and translate

In this case, some teams have only Chinese name, some have only English name. This is typical for a Dragon Boat Race in Hong Kong, being a truly international city.

Image copies of data tables are impossible to read on the phone

Before adopting PikaPage, the organizer could only share image of the results sheet on facebook. Not only are images hard to read on mobile, users couldn't select text for translation or search.

Image copies of text tables are impossible to read on the phone.

A small, but important point to consider, if you want to have a truly international event.

Thanks to Gordon Sander for supplying this usage idea.

Download the Dragon Boat Race app to find races that use PikaPage.

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