Create your first PikaPage — a step by step guide

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

PikaPage is the easiest way to share and update tabular data to a mobile audience.

1. Get your Access Code

After you have filled out the New Page Request Form, you will receive via email an 8-characters Access Code that allows you to make changes to your page.

Please contact us if you have not received the code.

2. Access your page settings

Go to Click Login at the top-right

Click Edit Your PikaPage

You will then be redirected to access your page. Enter the 8-character access code provided to you.

If you are a Ready-App customer, click Manage Your App instead, and then click Add Post in the menu.

3. Edit page elements

You can now edit the various elements of a PikaPage. Try out the different buttons on the screen. They should be self-explanatory.

Read this one-minute article that describes the structure of a PikaPage.

4. Connect Excel Data

You can have many data tables (“PikaTables”) in your page. In these tables, you display dynamically your race program, match-by-match results, group results, etc. Actually anything that you would normally create an Excel table to display, you can now publish nicely to everyone's phone, via a PikaTable.

Go to the PikaTable section, and choose the “Connect Excel File”, to tell the program where your Excel data is located.

Specify Excel file/sheet to upload

You will then be asked to specify the file you want to upload, as well as the sheet name of the Excel sheet you want to upload.

If you have more than one PikaTable, repeat for the other tables.

See our list of Excel templates for various purposes. If you can’t find what you need, chat with us. We will make one for you!

5. Upload Excel Data

After you have specified the Excel file and the sheet for each PikaTable, click Upload.

You can also edit PikaTable data directly on an iPad or a smartphone. Here's how. However, it is convenient to build the data table using Excel first.

6. View your live PikaPage

After you have successfully uploaded the Excel data, go back to the top of the page, and click on the link (URL) of your PikaPage. This is where your live PikaPage is:

Click below to see how this demo PikaPage look like on your mobile phone:

7. Share your PikaPage

You can share this link to your audience, via social media, chat groups or email.

You can also create a QR Code so that people can scan and access your PikaPage directly.

We recommend this free tool to create a QR Code.

Sounds fun? Get a free page to play around. Click here.

If you are a Ready-App customer, and have created a page using "Add Post" in the Ready-App control panel, the page will automatically appear in your app.

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