Do I want people to get results instantly on their mobile?

Updated: Oct 19, 2018

This may sound like a weird question, but I have heard it a few times. People who have this doubt have the following logic:

If results are only posted on one scoreboard, I can correct errors easily.

Really? Nowadays, as soon as you stick a results sheet on the scoreboard, people take photo of it and share in their chat group immediately.

If you also publish results on a mobile app, people will still read the error on the app. However, you can amend error quickly, and notify people that results of a particular match/race has been amended. Everyone can refer to the same updated results. Especially good as you can inform people about the amendment through "push notification".

If you only use paper, thousands of copies of incorrect results will have been floating around. It will be really hard to make sure everyone gets the amended version.

Results, including errors, circulate immediately. The best remedy is to have an always updating mobile version of all your results.

Affordable results app for all sports organizers

The Olympics, the FIFA World Cup and other large events all publish results instantly on mobile app. But for most amatuer sports, the cost of developing an app is too high. It also requires experience and expertise in managing your vendor. PikaPage is a low cost, standardized product for amatuer sports. Any sports organizer can afford it.

It takes people with courage to change the status quo, and make things better for others. If you are reading this, you are the courageous few. And I am sure many people in your sport will thank you.

Leroy Yue

Founder of PikaPage

Water Polo Player at the Asian Games 1990

Previously Country Manager of a Fortune 500 company

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