Edit PikaTable on iPad or any tablet

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

When you are creating a PikaTable, or when you have a lot of data to change, you would probably do it on Excel, and then upload it to your PikaPage.

Directly edit PikaTable (Beta)

But you can also directly edit the data in a PikaTable via the "Direct Edit" function. All you need is

  • an iPad or any tablet computer,

  • internet connection (hotspot from a mobile phone will work)

Step-by-step guide:

1. Go to PikaPage Setup by entering your access code or password. Here's how.

2. You will then enter the "PikaPage Setup" screen

3. Go to the PikaTable you'd like to edit

4. Click on the menu button of that table, choose "Direct Edit"

Edit PikaTable on iPad or tablet

You can now make changes on each cell directly.

Caution: Excel file won't be updated

If you have used an Excel file to build the table, remember that the changes you have made using this method will not be reflected on the original Excel file.

Please make sure only one person is doing the update. If more than one person is editing the same table at the same time, some data may not update correctly due to timing difference.

Save your updated data

After you have made changes to the PikaTable using Direct Edit, you can export the data in the CSV format, which can then be opened in Microsoft Excel.

Non-English CSV files

If your table contains Chinese, Japanese, etc, please read this to correctly open a non-English CSV file.

Direct Edit Features

  • Add/delete entire row

  • Edit cell content

  • re-order rows

However, you cannot change the column structure. That is, you cannot delete or insert columns. You will need to do that in Excel, and upload the table again.

You may also edit data like this on a phone (instead of a tablet), but the screen is small so it may be more difficult to navigate.

Please let us know if you have any questions or encounter any difficulties.



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