The Giant Screen is great, but not enough

Golf Tournament Results on Mobile App

I played a nice round of golf at the Old Course of Fanling Golf Course, while European Tour pros are playing the Hong Kong Open at the New & Eden Course at the same golf club.

After the round, my friend and I sat down for a beer, and we looked at the giant LED leaderboard across the practice green.

My friend, a Japanese guy, was interested in knowing how a certain Japanese pro was doing. So he left the table, and went to the big screen to check.

After a few minutes, he came back to the table. He took out his mobile phone, and checked on the Official App instead.

It is easy to see why. Each page of the giant screen shows the scores of 8 players. And the page rotates every 7~8 seconds. It will take an unknown amount of wait, for my friend to just find the score of one player.

The giant display is great, but it is not enough

Many Golf Associations hold quite a number of amatuer tournaments in a year. Most just write results on a big piece of paper and stick in on a board.

I am sure many players and their friends and family would like results also available on their fingertips.

Low Cost App, Your Logo

Easily browse and search tee-time and results
We offer a custom-made app for golf associations and golf clubs

Starting from USD120 per month, you can have your own app, with the following features:

Key Features:

  • Tee-time in easy to lookup mobile format

  • Keyword search results

  • Sponsor’s Advertisement (link to sponsor’s campaign page)

  • Side-menu links to rules, websites, etc.

  • Push notification (for last minute changes)

PikaPage Ready-App for golf was developed by PikaPage Limited. We provide mobile solutions to amatuer sports at low cost.

Some Customer References:

  • The Hong Kong Football Association (Junior League)

  • 2018 Asian Rowing Coastal Championships

  • The Royal Hong Kong Yacht Club

  • And many more….

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