How a PikaTable fits many columns onto a phone screen

It has been impossible to show more than a few columns of data nicely on mobile, unless you want to write HTML and Java codes.

PikaPage is an easy to use solution that solves this problem. Its objective is to completely eliminate zooming and horizontal scrolling on mobile phones. Also, data is presented in font sizes that are easily legible.

PikaPage converts Excel tables into mobile-friendly format. No coding.


Let’s say you have a data table with 10 columns and 50 rows, like this:

How is it possible to show this amount of data nicely on a tiny phone screen?

The Trick

Let’s look at the data more closely:

This example is the rundown of a Dragon Boat Race. The first 4 columns are race labels, such as the race number, category and start time, the next 6 columns are the teams assigned to each race lane.

Too much data, too little screen space

Do people really need to look at all these data at the same time?

No. People typically only want to know the lineup of a particular race. Which lane they are in, and who are the opponents. They really only need to see data “one race at a time”.

The only output that Excel can produce is a sheet. A piece of paper or a static PDF. They are not dynamic. So people have no choice but to cramp all data on one page.

And the narrow mobile phone screen doesn’t fit.

By the way, we are strongly opposed to making people rotate their phone to see more columns.

Less is more

In PikaPage, we have invented a generic way to fit many columns onto a narrow screen. First, we think of the 10 columns as two different types of data, and we treat them differently:

Initially, we only display the “1st level data” in the phone screen:

People can easily browse, and find the race they are interested in, not overwhelmed by unnecessary details.


Each row is a race. With a click on the green arrow, the row expands, and further details about this race are displayed (columns 5 to 10).


Users can also do a search. In this example, typing in a team name will show only races that the team is enrolled in.

Dynamic data

The PikaPage Edit-Page Panel allows you to upload your Excel file as often as you wish. Your audience will see a dynamically updating, mobile-friendly page. They can easily find the data they want, anywhere they are.

In this Dragon Boat example, data was updated with 2 clicks, every 4 to 5 minutes, after each race. People get to know details of how their own team and how other teams are performing. Right at their fingertips.

Click here to play around the above demo page on your mobile, or scan the QR Code to access it:

Create your own

You can create a PikaPage for free, to share to a small audience. If you have a large audience, there is a small fee to pay.

Please leave a comment if you think of interesting ways to use PikaPage :)

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