Directly edit results in PikaPage Smart Regatta

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

This is an advanced topic for super-users of PikaPage Smart Regatta Template (for dagon boat, rowing, etc). Do not try unless you know exactly what you are doing.

Results Data

Race results are normally entered or edit via a special interface. They are then stored in a hidden sheet. In the event that you need to access these data directly (e.g. disaster recovery), you can edit (or re-enter) them directly in this sheet.

First, right-click at the sheet tabs at the bottom of Excel:

select "Results Log"

You will then see the results data from column D to column O:

Also, Rank data are hard-coded in columns P to Z:

(please ignore column Z onwards.)

If you have a need to directly edit or add data in this sheet, make sure to update columns A to Y.

It is important that the Race number in Column A is entered exactly.

After you have changed the data, press the Refresh All button on the Home page.

This post is really for expert users only. Please use with care. Please contact us if you have any questions.


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