How to edit contents of a PikaPage

Updated: Nov 12, 2018

PikaPage is a mobile-friendly page of information, that you can update easily. It is especially suitable for sports events. You can easily update results after each race or match, on-site or off-site, in real-time. This article explains the different ways to edit a PikaPage.

Access your page

To edit contents, you first need to have access to your page.

Go to, or click Login at the top right of PikaPage home page.

Standalone Page customers

Please click on "Edit your pikapage" on the left.

You will be asked an 8-digit access code to access your page.

Ready-App customers

If your organization has asked us to make an app, you are a Ready-App customer. Click on the button on the right.

You will enter the Ready-App Control Panel. Here, you can make many changes to the contents in your app.

To edit the content of a PikaPage inside your app, simply click Edit (1).

Alternatively, you can write down the 8-digit access code (2), and tell your colleagues to edit the page content using the Standalone page access method described above.

Editing PikaPage Contents

Once you entered the PikaPage Setup screen, you will be able to edit various parts of the PikaPage by clicking Edit buttons.

For example, you can edit the Page Title and Sub-title by clicking this button:

Editing PikaTable Contents

PikaTables are versatile data tables that are mobile friendly. There are 2 ways to update a PikaTable:

Upload Excel files

Directly editing the data on an iPad or a smartphone.

Just choose the Direct Edit button to edit.

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