How to make Facebook links open in app

In PikaPage, you can embed URLs so that your users can access external resources in the internet. For example, you can embed a link that will open your official website, or a Google Map link for the venue location.

If you want people to go to your Facebook page, you can embed the URL or your Facebook page, like this:

However, if you do this, your user will open your Facebook page in the browser on his/her phone.

This is not good user-experience. It is better to let the user open your Facebook Page on the Facebook app.

A special type of URL to open Facebook pages in app

To do that, you need to embed a different kind of URL, like this:

  • fb://page/1786502278234588/

instead of the normal https URL. The number in the link above is the Facebook Page ID.

Where is my Facebook Page ID?

In the past, you can just look up your Facebook page ID from the "About" section. Not anymore. Your Facebook page ID is now buried deep within the HTML codes.

Luckily, there are tools that help find your Facebook ID easily. Just enter your facebook page URL here:

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