How to set Column Filter

Often you will have a PikaTable in your PikaPage that contains a lot of rows, such as all 50 races of the day. Column Filter is a nice feature to display only races of a certain category.

Here is a quick video demo of the Column Filter feature:

Set Column Filter to let user filter rows

Try it on your phone. Click here.

How to setup Column Filter

1. Enter Page Setup,

2. Go to the table you want to set up a column filter

3. Choose "Set Column Filter"

4. Choose "Turn on Column Filter"

5. Select the column you want to allow filtering.

In this case, we want users to be able to look at all races in one Event (sometimes called category) at once. So we choose Event here.

After you have done the above steps, users will be able to choose the Event they was to see:

Hope this is straightforward. Let us know if you have any question by posting in comment area below. Thanks.

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