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Manage your own Ready App - a step by step guide

Updated: Jun 27, 2019

Your Application is now on the App Store, so what's next?

You can now start putting contents like schedule, live result and etc on the application for all of your users. Moreover, you can start pushing notifications to let your participants know the most updated information.

Let's get started!

Access Admin Panel

To manage your application, you first need to login to the admin panel.

Go to www.pikapage.com/login, or click "Login" at the top right of PikaPage home page.

Select "Go" under "Manage Your App"

Login with your App id and Password. You will be then in the Admin Panel of your application.

Add New Post

In a PikaPage Ready App, there are two kinds of Posts: PikaPage and External Webpage.

A PikaPage is the easiest way to share and update tabular data to a mobile audience. To learn more, please refer to this article.

An External Webpage is any webpages online : facebook album, youtube video or your association home page.

To add an external webpage, you just need to copy and paste the URL (e.g. https://www.youtube.com/, make sure you have included "https://") and input the title and subtitle.

Once you have input the URL, the system will automatically retrieve a banner from the webpage. If you want to change the banner, click "upload a different image" and upload a 16:9 image.

For Facebook posts or links, please refer to this article if you want to launch the webpage in user's Facebook app.

Re-order your posts

After an event, you may want to re-order the posts in the application. You can click "Re-order" then drag and drop the posts to the desired order.

Pushing Notification

Home page announcement, email, Whatsapp broadcast? Now you can push notification to every participants who have installed the application.

Click "Notification", type in the message and click "Send". Everyone will receive the notification immediately.


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