Open a non-English CSV files in Excel

In Excel, you can't just open a CSV file that has non-English characters. This article explains how it should be done.

After you have edited a PikaTable using the Direct Edit feature, you can export the PikaTable into a CSV file. You can then use Microsoft Excel to further modify the data, for example, to format it nicely for printing on paper.

If your CSV file is in English only, you can simply open the CSV file using Excel-Open.

However, if your CSV file contains Asian characters such as Chinese, Japanese, Korean, follow these step:

1. Start Excel

2. Create a blank new workbook

3. On the top menu, choose Data-GetData-FromFile-CSV

4. Choose your file to import

5. On the next screen, make sure to choose Unicode UTF-8

(See screenshots below)

How to import non-English CSV into Excel

Make sure to choose UTF-8 when importing non-English CSV into Excel

That's it. Your file should convert nicely in Excel. Contact us if you have any further questions.

Thank you for caring for user-experience.

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