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Updated: Nov 20, 2018

Easy and flexible template for printing and displaying rowing race results on mobile app.


Automation saves time

Function Key (Ctrl-T) to automatically convert team code into team name. When you have the draw results of lane/boat assignment, all you have to do is to key in the team code.

Good Data Structure

Data are properly structured so that it will be easy to make changes. All data are only entered once, in one place. Changes will be automatically updated everywhere. No more rearranging everything manually when there is last minute changes.

Special Excel Function

There are functions specially created for this template for easy retrieval of boat race data. For example:

=getResult(RaceNo, LaneNo)

This formula will return the result of the specified lane/boat no, of the specified Race no. Use this just like normal Excel functions, to create new information sheets that you need.

Another similar function:

=getTeam(RaceNo, LaneNo) : returns Team Name and Country Code

Get Started

After you have signed up, you will be provided with an Excel template.

There are 6 sheets in the Excel template:

1. "MasterProgram" - high level timetable. Warm up, ceremonies, races

2. "Events" - Event code and event full name. This is used as reference in other places.

3. "Entries" - What teams are racing in which events, and crew names.

4. "Races" - race by race schedule, team name for each lane/boat

5. "Results" - this is where you enter results of each boat/lane on race day

6. "Print" - easily print a "one-page per race" results sheet

Sheets with dark green colour will be uploaded to PikaPage
When opening the Excel template, remember to click "Enable content" or "Enable Macro" to allow features in the template to work.

1. Master Program

Just type/paste in the details. This sheet (and other that has a green tab) will be uploaded to the PikaPage.

2. Events

Please ensure that Event codes are unique (i.e. no two event codes are the same).

3. Entries

An Entry is a team in a event. Please ensure that the Entry# is a unique 4 character code. In this example, we simply start from T001, and add one when there is a new confirmed entry. You may also use a system such as A001 ~ A099, B001 ~ B099, where A and B mean different events/categories.

In this sheet, there are 8 columns for crew names. Add to the right if you need more.

Upload data to mobile app so people can see who they will compete against.

When copy-and-paste from another Excel file, is it good practice to paste using "Paste Value". This avoids the dangerous possibility of copying from the source file a formula instead of a value. Also, this preserves the nice formatting designed into the template.

4. Race-by-Race info

The above sheets are ordinary, and boring. The following "Races" sheet has some of the magic of this template. Let's take a look at this video first:

Press Ctrl-T to convert selected team codes to team names.

When the draw results are available, what you need to do is simply to enter team codes (Entry#) into allocated boat/lane.

After you typed in the codes, T001, etc, select the cells, and press CTRL-T. The cells will be converted into full team name.

It is then a simple matter of printing this sheet for record, and uploading it to PikaPage so that people can have an idea who they will be racing against in each round.

This is how the start list looks like on mobile.

In our experience, the earlier you can announce this, the better engagement you can create for your event.

It therefore make sense that you print out this sheet BEFORE the draw meeting, so that you can write down the draw results in the format during the draw. It will then take a short time to prepare this list, and publish the draw results to everyone's phone.

5. Results

On Race Day, enter results of each race in the "Results" sheet.

You are free to enter any format of race results here. Some races use a combination of time and placing, some use boat lengths.

Click open a race to see results.

6. Print

One print format for all races.

Here you can print results of a race in a one-page format. Depending on how many boats/lanes you have per race, you may want to redesign the layout of this sheet. Take a look at the formulas of the cells, as move them around as you wish. Add boxes, titles, header and footer as you like.

Please press the Refresh button at the top left to make sure all data are refreshed after amending race results.

Upload to PikaPage

After each race, you can upload all changes to PikaPage in a few clicks of the mouse. Please see other relevant articles about how to design a PikaPage for your race, and how to easily upload Excel data.



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