Seeking Co-founder/JV Partner in Japan

Updated: Nov 29, 2018

PikaPage has a number of products that modernise the user experience in amatuer sports. Currently, there are 2 main products:

  • Publish competition results on mobile app in real-time

  • Athlete registration on mobile; approval and management of registrations

It has been used successfully in many local and international sports competitions/leagues in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Japan.

PikaPage "Ready-App" is a low cost app product that can be created quickly with customer's logo.

PikaPage Limited was established in Hong Kong in 2016. The products are proven with paying customers such as the Hong Kong Football Association. We are continuing to develop more digital products for sports and related markets.

PikaPage Athlete Registration Product saves a lot of time for association staff

Big Potential in Japan

We are now looking for an entrepreneurial person to build PikaPage business in Japan. This will be a great opportunity for someone who is:

  • Passionate in sports

  • Cares about user experience

  • Innovative - always wants to make things better

  • Have the resources to build a business from scratch (this time with a ready-product)

  • Likes computer and mobile phones

  • Enjoying talking to people

PikaPage Japan

We are open to the following arrangement:

  • Equity partner in a newly formed PikaPage Japan Limited

  • Sole Distributor of PikaPage technology in Japan

This is not a job offer - we are looking for a Joint Venture partner who can start the business in Japan.

The products are functional, and are generating revenue in Hong Kong. We only need to translate the software interface and marketing materials.

  • Incorporate a company in Japan

  • Translate all marketing and sales material into Japanese

  • Sell to potential customers in Japan

Successful Customer Cases in Japan

Race Info App for Zushi Marina Yacht Club

Customer Branded app produce easily using PikaPage Ready-App

Please download to try.


Standalone competition page. Works on any phone. Just click to see.


Interested parties please contact PikaPage founder Leroy Yue at:

or on facebook:



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