Athletes Registration & Marshalling App

Automate your process. Go paperless.

選手登記系統 - 自動化、無紙化

Save tons of paperwork

Ready to deploy

Proven features. Fast to implement. Easy to use.

Saves time &  paper

Automatic and completely paperless.

Low cost

Affordable fees.  No time-consuming IT project meetings.

Trusted by many

Success with leagues with thousands of players.

Super-efficient Membership Solution

Let teams or individuals register on mobile phone. Age groups, club-transfers. Enter details, shoot photo, and submit. Approve/reject on admin panel. Officials to view player's eligibility anytime, anywhere.

Online payment optional.

Verify application data

Check particulars against photo-ID submited. One click to approve, all paperless.

Look up athlete info

Anytime, anywhere. Password protection optional.

Save tons of paperwork

For Dragon Boat and Rowing too.  Click here to learn more.

Innovation for Amateur Sports

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