Publish Race-by-Race Results
on Mobile App

from USD 36

Photo credit: Hong Kong, China Rowing Association

Instant Race Data
for Athletes & Officials

Automatic Race Programming

From $120 per event. Unlimited access.


READy to deploy

Forget about negotiating with an IT contractor to build an app.


User can choose to download an app, or just view on mobile browser.

bilingual display

Complete freedom to display data. If you can use Excel, you can use PikaPage for Dragon Boat.

advanced features

Rank-based progression, time-based progression, combination method, reprechage, all handled automatically.

Modernize your race at very low cost.

"We need to make sure rowers enjoy our races in all aspects, from equipment, to officiating standard, to race management. Nowadays, young people care about having information on their fingertips. PikaPage fills the gap, and has helped us improve engagement."

Wan Ng, Director

Hong Kong, China Rowing Association

Price List

PikaPage for Rowing Races

Easy to setup, easy to use.

Race Page
with Simple Template

USD 36/page

per year

True mobile experience 

Listing on Dragon Boat Race App

Race Page
with Smart Template

USD 1300/page

per year

True mobile experience 

Listing on Dragon Boat Race App

Automatic Race Programming

Simple or complex race format

Auto progression

Auto leaderboards

Your Own App
your association logo

USD 350*

per month

iOS and Android app

Your own app name & icon

Push notification

All your races in one app

External links to rules, registration

Including 10 Race Pages

Special discounted price of Smart Template

Free access for end-users in all plans.


Photo credit: Jason Yan

Affordable Mobile Experience
for All Amateur Sports

PikaPage is a flexible platform for automating races and matches, and publishing detailed competition data onto mobile phones. 


Many innovative sports organizers have totally transformed their end-user experience, using PikaPage technology.

Innovation for Amateur Sports

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