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"PikaPage is very easy to set up. Officials can check duty roster on their phone. Coaches and players can find data of all matches of the tournament, anywhere they are."

Shinosuke Hamada, Organizer of the Kyoto Area Water Polo Tournament


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Better fans and parents engagement

Water polo moms in this media interview told how they enjoyed their son's water polo tournament more with PikaPage. 


The big screen in the stadium only shows scores of the current match.  PikaPage allows everyone to follow the tournament more closely, with all match results and next round progressions.

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Happier coaches

The head coach of the Hong Kong Team told how he could now plan his strategy while eating lunch outside the stadium.


"It is important to know how other teams are doing. Now, I can find out instantly from PikaPage." - Man Zhao, Head Coach of the Hong Kong National Team

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Happier players

Players at the Kyoto Area Water Polo Tournament loved PikaPage.

There were over 4000 page-views on this 3 days tournament.

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