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Yacht details, race results on mobile

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Yoshikiko Hattori
Zushi Marina Yacht Club

PikaPage was very easy to use.  Now our members can find race data and club news easily on their mobile phones.  And it is surprisingly inexpensive.

READy to deploy

Forget about negotiating with an IT contractor to build an app.


User can choose to download an app, or just view on mobile browser.

bilingual display

Complete freedom to display data. If you can use Excel, you can use PikaPage for Dragon Boat.

Excel Convert

Easily deployed.  Use our Excel templates, or just convert from your existing race files.

Modernize your race at very low cost.

Want your own app?

We can create an app for your association in a short time. Monthly rental model, saves time and hassle.  Learn more.

Affordable Mobile Experience
for All Amateur Sports

PikaPage is a flexible platform for automating races and matches, and publishing detailed competition data onto mobile phones. 


Many innovative sports organizers have totally transformed their end-user experience, using PikaPage technology.

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